5 Lists of The Controversial Trump Policies You Need to Know

President Donald Trump is well known as a controversial figure. But in fact, he managed to become president of the United States. Trump often makes the controversial trump policies, which makes all the countries go crazy.

Since becoming President on 20 January 2017, he has made several controversial policies. The Controversy policy not only affected the United States but also affected other countries. Here are 5 the controversial trump policies by far:

1.     Prohibiting The Entry of Immigrants from Seven Muslim Countries

He issued a presidential order governing the prohibition of the entry of immigrants into the US. According to him, it was required to prevent increased acts of terrorism in the US. He thinks that every act of terrorism is the fault of immigrants from conflicting countries.

Based on that, he limits the rate of immigrants from 7 countries that are predominantly Muslim. These countries are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. This action has drawn much criticism from many countries.

2.     Build an American-Mexican Border Wall

This policy is also one of his campaign promises. He wants to build a border wall to block illegal immigrants from coming to the US. This development can overcome the problem of entry of immigrants and national security.

He signed a presidential order to build a wall on the border. In addition, he also decides that Mexico has to pay for the construction of the border wall. However, the Mexican side refused his wish and did not want to pay for the construction of the border wall.

3.     He Considers That Climate Change and Global Warming are not Important Issues

He said that the Paris agreement that had been agreed in 2015 could still be negotiated. This caused Germany counselor to reply forcefully to this argument. She said that the Paris Agreement was final and could not be negotiated anymore.

He is anti-climate change and global warming issues. He considers the issue will only hamper the country’s economic development. Then, he decided that the United States out of the Paris Agreement in June 2017. This policy is very controversial because this issue should be a global issue that must be resolved immediately.

4.     Out of The Trans-Pacific Partnership

He believes that this trade agreement does not provide great benefits for the country. He took this step because according to him the partnership only harmed American companies. Furthermore, he also considers this partnership also makes labor from the country is ineffective.

This is because many American companies eventually run abroad. Whereas this forum has many advantages for the people of the United States. But, unfortunately, he misinterpreted it.

5.     Moved the United States Embassy From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The support of the United States government to the Israeli government has been there since a long time ago. However, he showed this support openly. The latest controversy is he moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

Many world leaders are disapproving the move. It is because it will disturb the peace of the two countries. Moreover, this action is a provocative action. It can make other countries take similar actions.

Those are the controversial Trump policies that caused chaos all over the world. He also made a controversial policy with several domestic policy changes. These policies sometimes lead to new problems that harm the country.