In today’s life, Instagram becomes one of the most popular social media. Most people use social media. Moreover, no one don’t know about social media especially Instagram. Then, Instagram makes people becomes famous. Many people become public figures who have many followers on their Instagram. Thus, how about the real public figure? Did they have such an Instagram account or not? Of course, they have. They have many followers on Instagram. Then, do you know the public figures with the most Instagram followers from around the world? To break your curious, I will kindly show you about them.

1. Taylor Swift

The first public figures with the most Instagram followers from around the world is Taylor Swift. Everyone around the world knows who is her. She is a singer with multi-talents which has many fans around the world. Thus, you will not surprise if she is categorized as the public figure which has many followers on her Instagram. It causes by her popularity and talent. She has amounts of 119.6 million of followers. So, it is a big number and it is difficult to reach if you are not famous people like her.

2. Neymar

The second position is Neymar. Who doesn’t know him? The most popular members of the French club Paris Saint of Germany and Brazil national team. He has uploaded many pictures that show a good pose. His picture reflects his carrier as an athlete. He is such a cool man. Thus, we will not surprise if he has many followers on his Instagram amounts of 122.9 million. He is not only becoming popular in reality but also in social media.

3. Leo Messi

Then, the next position is coming from the cool man again. Even you are a football lover or not, you might know about this guy. Leo Messi becomes popular in Instagram with 125.8 followers. It is a big number which is enough to make him popular around the world. His pictures and name have been used for any kind of product especially for the shirt. Many shirts contain the name of Leo Messi or even his face. He is so famous as a football player.

4. Beyonce

Beyonce has 129.5 million followers in her Instagram. She is a great singer which is popular as a queen of music. In her Instagram account, she share many picture which is reflecting her personality and ability in music. She also shares anything about her activity. Many people around the world like her and become her fans. Not only about her singing but also, about her appearances. She is a very beautiful and energetic singer queen.

5. Selena Gomez

All people know about Selena Gomez. This beautiful and sexy public figure has become the public figures with the most Instagram followers from around the world. She has 159.7 million followers in Instagram. She is multi-talent public figure. Then, Selena Gomez are able to singing, acting, and many others. Mostly, she is known as a singer even many people also know her as an actress and model.

To sum up, they are public figures with the most Instagram followers from around the world. Therefore, all of them has already known by many people both in reality and social media. Thus, can you imagine how successful they are? Or wondering about their income in a year? It must be wonderful.