Hawaii has many beautiful beaches that you can enjoy. One of the famous beaches here is Polo Beach Oahu. This beach is in Mokuleia, North Shore, and West Waialua. In addition, this beach is on the island of Oahu, an island with many populations.

Oahu Island is also one of the most visited by tourists. This is because the island has many beautiful beaches. Moreover, you can do many activities on this beach. The following are various activities that you can do at Polo Beach Oahu:

1. Sunbathing

The first thing you should try on this beach is sunbathing. This beach is famous for its “optional clothing” beach, so you can sunbathe without wearing clothes on this beach. This is a rare experience, so you can try it.

You do not need to be afraid because there is a special area if you want to try it. Furthermore, you can see a calm view of Wailea. In addition, you can also feel the beach sand while sunbathing on the beach.

2. Romantic Dinner

Having dinner here is very romantic. You can try a romantic dinner here with your partner. One place to eat that you can try with your partner is Nick’s Fishmarket.

There is an open-air bar so you can enjoy the beautiful views. You and your partner can see the beautiful Kea Lana garden at night. If you have stayed at the resort, you can use a romantic dinner package at your resort.

3. Snorkeling

This beach is great for those of you who like to snorkel. When the ocean is calm, you can enjoy snorkeling at the north end of the beach. The sandy entry and mild slope make snorkeling very enjoyable. But you still have to be careful if there are large waves.

So, you are not advised to snorkel. You can see great underwater scenery if you snorkel. Furthermore, you can see also a lot of sea fishes that you do not find anywhere else. Snorkeling in Polo Beach Oahu will be an experience you can never forget.

4. Kayaking and Boogie Boarding

This beach is the right place for you to do kayaking and boogie boarding. This beach sometimes has calm waves so you can do water sports here. Many people say this beach is also suitable if you are an amateur to do kayaking and boogie boarding.

You do not need to be confused about the equipment because there are many rentals that rent a kayak here. Furthermore, you can enjoy the beauty of Wailea using kayaking and boogie boarding. Moreover, it is very easy for you to find showers and public washrooms.

5. Scuba Diving

One of the reasons people come to this beach is to do diving. You will see a variety of colorful fish and turtles here. Moreover, you can also see underwater caves, which are very rarely found on other beaches.

If you are interested in doing this but you have never dived before, you can buy a dive package here. Certified instructors will teach you until you can dive into the ocean. Of course, this will be fun for you and add to your experience while at this beach.

That is a variety of activities that you can do in Polo Beach Oahu. All these activities are fun and you can do everything here. Invite your partner or your family to stay here to make it more enjoyable.