Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman on the screen? Surely, everyone would like to watch a beautiful actress in a movie. These days there are many beautiful actresses not only from Hollywood but also from other nations. Many of them are young, but some of the most beautiful actress in the past decade is also a favorite. So, who is the most beautiful actress in your thoughts and why?

There are many new actresses these quite attractive days. However, the senior actresses are not losing their beauty either. Some senior actress is even hotter than ever. Well, here are some of the most beautiful actress in the past decade: 

1. Christie Brinkley

Who would ever guess that this hot actress in 65 years old? Anyone who sees her will think she is still in her 40’s and still young. Well, this talented actress has shown that by eating healthy food, your body will also be healthy. Therefore, even though she is already in her 60’s her body and skin are still tight. No wonder many people like her and calls her as one of the most beautiful actresses there is. 

2. Elizabeth Hurley

The next beautiful actress that everyone loves is Elizabeth Hurley. She is not known as an actor only, but also a film producer. With her ability as a model and film producer, many people fall for her. Until today she has received many kinds of awards such as hottest celebrities of all time and the best for many things. 

3. Rachel Weisz

This actress from London is known as one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. Her name is Denis Makarenko, who is now 48 years. Anyone who sees here will sure think that she is still in her 30’s. Many people think that the older she gets, the more beautiful she is. Therefore, she once was nominated as one of the best living English actresses. 

4. Sandra Bullock

Who doesn’t know this golden globe award actress? Well, she is not only an expert in acting, but she also has beauty. Even though she is 55 years old, her beauty has become stronger making her still look beautiful. She has her main secret in health is by drinking a lot of water every day. Well, it seems that her secret is successful. Because she is the most beautiful actress in the past decade.

5. Emma Watson

At the beginning of 2000, little Emma Watson came to the world as Hermione. At that, she was a cute little girl. As time passed she became a mature beautiful actress that is very multitalented. Even though she is now in her 30’s no one will have to question her beauty and brain. Because everyone knows that she is a complete pack.

Who is everyone’s favorite and most beautiful actress in the past decade? Well, it is sure that everyone will have different answers to this question. Most of the actresses are not only beautiful but also very talented in many things. Therefore, no wonder they are many people’s favorite and idol. But at least we now know some of their secrets in being beautiful.