The world is now living in peace, but people should know that is wasn’t always like this. In the past, many incidents destroyed many countries and their populations. Many people were just desperate for the condition, while some people to try to fight out. These people couldn’t just stand quiet seeing their rights taken away, therefore they started to fight for it. These famous peace personalities are brave and amazing, even fighting until today.

Even though people do not mark them as a hero, they do deserve an honor. Because of these people, the world has become a better and peaceful place. So, who are the people that brought peace to this world and how did they do it? And are there any famous peace personalities today still alive? Well, check this out!

1. Nelson Mandela

Everyone in Africa knows him as the father of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was a famous activist who fought against people who gave disadvantages to racial segregation. He was very brave and sounding, especially if any rules gave loss to Africans people. But this action made him in jail for almost 20 years. Despite changing his personality, he became even braver after coming out. His tough and brave personality then made him the first president of Africa.

2.     John Lennon

People might know him as a singer rather than a famous activist. However, John Lennon is also one of the famous peace personalities in the world. He and his wife were against the war and conflict in Vietnam. A way to show this was by the song give peace a chance in one of his albums. They also made a bed-ins for people during the war. This place could receive people who became homeless during the war. However, his brave actions made him got killed in 1980.

3.     Malala Yousafzai

A brave peace activist in the world is Malala from Pakistan. She is one of many girls in Pakistan who shouted out her needs. In her young age, she shouted out the importance of rights for women and kids in Pakistan. She made sure that every woman can get an education just like men in her place. Until today, she is still the voice of many women especially for those in Pakistan.

4.     Betty William

Going through a not happy experience, made Betty do a change in her life. After having to be a witness of a cruel incident, Betty decided to campaign non-violence in Northern Ireland. With her kind personality, she couldn’t see any more innocent people die due to violence. Therefore in 1976, she made a non-profit organization to help the victims of the Irelands Population.

5.     Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi is one of the people that made India independence. Through his fight, he was put in jail several times. He was never against anything, however, he wanted to make India a peaceful place. And that was what he was fighting for in 1900. His hard work did pay off because India successfully became independence.  

These famous peace personalities have changed the world very much. The world may not be like this, without their fight and effort. So, the least we can do is to maintain what they have done. Take care of the world and make peace with others.