Today smartphone is a must-have item for everyone. However, smartphones are the improvement of the previous phone. One of the famous old cell phones is Nokia. A million people used Nokia. Thus, if you mention “Nokia” now, each people have their own memory with that brand, including the games. Here we want to get you flashback by memorizing the classic Nokia games people miss the most below.

classic nokia games people miss the most

Actually, Nokia has tried to make its smartphone version “Nokia Plus”. Unluckily, they seem hard to compete with the other brand. However, people still love Nokia for certain reasons. Moreover, those who have memory in the past. See the classic Nokia games people miss the most below, you probably want to install and play it again:

1. Snake ‘97

There is nothing can beat this game time killer ever. Snake ’97 is the most favorite game in Nokia ever. Wherever you are, you can play this game for fun. Keep your snake longer and don’t let it bites itself. The game is so interesting because once your level is up, the snake will be faster.

2. Bounce

Bounce is also a memorable childhood game. You must be crazy to keep the ball is rolling. Don’t let it touches the ring or the other objects. The higher your level, the more challenging the game will be. Luckily, you can enjoy this game on Android now. Its fans adopt Bounce Classic becomes the smartphone game.

3. Space Impact

Be a hero again by playing Space Impact. This game was launched on Nokia 3310, then it became bundled to the other Nokia series, including Nokia 3410, 5510, and 6310. You must remember when you move up and down but not save for stepping forward. Whenever your level is up, your weapon is upgraded too. That was the exciting part, moreover when you face the kind of the monster.

4. Bantumi

Bantumi is also one of the famous games in our childhood. This game was released at the same time with Snake and Space Impact. Playing this game is so easy, just like the traditional game but transform into a digital version. Fill each hole with the seed and don’t let you stop in the blank hole. You can play this game on Android too with the same name “Bantumi.

5. Pocket Carrom

This game is popular in South and East Asian countries, then Nokia adapted as its one of the game features. This game is usually for family or friends. When you play it on your Nokia, you can enjoy the game by yourself. It doesn’t make the game less exciting because this game allows for two players too. No matter you play as single or multiplayer, Pocket Carrom is worth to play again to exercise your strategy.

During the time Nokia transforms itself, many games were created. Until it developed to the N-Gage version and now its smartphone, Nokia always has a special place inside its market. Have a sweet nostalgia moment with those classic Nokia games people miss the most. Probably you still remember the trick to winning the game, just like when you were young at that moment.