How To Remove Ads On Chrome Easily

We usually meet ads on whatever the website on the internet. Ads are always shown on every website that we opened. In fact, we cannot say that the ads are not disturbing our activities on websites, especially browser app like Chrome. However, we usually can remove the ads from Chrome. There are ways how to remove ads on Chrome.

What are Ads?

We might be familiar with the ads. However, we usually know the ads but not all people know about what is the ads actually mean. Ads mean a kind of online advertisement which is applied on the internet or browser. Therefore, ads are usually shown suddenly when we open the browser such as Chrome, UC Browser, and others. Not only browser app, but ads are also available in other applications. The purpose of ads is to promote a product of some people.

There are many kinds of ads such as pop ads, malware, and others. Besides, we are still able to sett our application, including browser application to be free from ads. Indeed, we need to know first how to remove ads on Chrome, to get your comfortable browser.

The Way to Remove Ads on Chrome

Almost the same as another app, Chrome also contains some ads when you start to browse. However, there are always ways to remove the ads easily to make your Chrome be free from ads. Look at the next paragraph for the explanation.

1. Computer

Open Chrome Application on your computer first. After that, you will see the option ‘setting’ on the corner top on your screen. After you succeed in finding the option ‘setting’, click the button of setting. On the setting option, you will face many options, then click the option ‘advance’. On the option advance, you will see the word ‘content setting’. From the content setting, you will set the content included in your browser, especially the ads.

Click the button ‘content setting’. In the content setting option, you will see the option ‘privacy and security’. The privacy and security is the option to set the security of your browser, whether or not there is a malware or other ads. From privacy and security, choose the option ‘ ads’ and click it. after clicking the button ‘ads’, allow the ads block by slide the grey button into the blue.  Thus, the ads will be block suddenly.

2.  Smartphone

Open Chrome in your smartphone then chooses the option ‘setting’ on the dropdown. After that, you will see the option ‘ site setting’ for the android and ‘content setting’ for the iPhone. third, click the button ‘pop-ups’ for android and button ‘block pop-ups’ for the iPhone. next, you should slide the grey button to change it into blue. Then, the ads will be blocked and never shown on your Chrome screen anymore.

Those are the ways about how to remove ads on Chrome. Ads usually disturb people to conduct a browser. Moreover, sometimes ads can make malware that can be dangerous for your Chrome. Therefore, we need to remove ads and get free to browse anything we want.

Here’s How To Install Font In Windows 10 You Should Know

The font in windows is just a little thing with its important role. Sometimes, we need to have an interesting font with any kind of style to be better. Therefore, people sometimes try to have a new collection of font whether to buy or install it. Unfortunately, if we choose to buy the font, of course, we need to pay for it. Therefore, we need to do some trick to get a free font for your windows 10. The following explanation will show you how to install font in Windows 10.

1. Download The Font That You Want to have

The most important thing on how to install font in windows 10, is having the font installation. You need to have the font which you want to apply first before trying to install it. You can browse the font whatever you want on the internet.

There are many websites that provide you many features of fonts. You can choose the free font if you don’t want to get a cost. Moreover, you may choose the font style on whatever you want. Then, make sure that the font has already downloaded.

2. Try To Install The Font By Simple Way

Actually, installing a font is not a complicated thing to do. You don’t need to do some complicated tricks to understand and do. Indeed, you just need to click the font installation by the right-click. Then, you will see the option install. Click the option install and the font will be installed immediately after a few seconds. In addition, you need to wait until the installation finish. don’t close the window installation until the installation is completely finished.

3. Make Sure That The Font is Complete

After installing the font, you must check whether the installation is completely finished or not. then, how to check it? it is simple. Press the Windows key button and Q at the same time. After that, you will face the option font with the code folder A. Then, check the font that you have installed just now in the font control panel. Make sure that the font you have installed just now is available on the font control panel. If you cannot find them, you may try to find the name by the search box.

4. Reinstall The Font

If you can’t find the font yet, you need to reinstall them. It is okay to install two times if you haven’t seen the font yet. After reinstalling the font, apply the same way to make sure the font is already installed to your device in windows 10. After that, you may apply the wonderful font that you want.

The way how to install font in Windows 10 is completely easy. But, we need to be careful of the virus while conducting the installation on the computer. The virus might come from the downloaded file. Therefore, we need to find the safety website before downloading the font or anything. There are so many website which provides any kind of font. You can choose whatever you want.