British Commonwealth Countries, Let’s Find Out About Some Of Them

The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary union of sovereign states that were once controlled or founded by the United Kingdom. British Commonwealth countries are already independent and have their governments. However, they are united because they have the same goal, which is to support each other’s countries.

British Commonwealth Countries

There are 53 countries spread across Europe, Asia, Africa, America, the Pacific, and the Caribbean. So, the British Commonwealth country is indeed not a country whose territory is near England. Let’s know more about 5 British Commonwealth countries through the article below:

1. Cyprus

This country joined the British Commonwealth on 13 March 1961. Moreover, this country is a Commonwealth country on the European mainland. This country is an island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Because of its strategic location, this country has become a neutral path for diplomatic trails in its history.

Most locals understand English because the British colonized it in 1878 and became independent in 1960. There are still several British military bases here, namely Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

2. Malaysia

One of the British Commonwealth Countries is Malaysia and this country is a former British colony. Britain entered the Malacca Peninsula in 1786 until finally gaining independence on August 31, 1957. This country gained independence from Britain without a bloody struggle. Therefore, there is an agreement between Malaysia and the UK.

For example, the UK may be allowed to lease state land in this country for a long period. Moreover, this country was long colonized by the British and made English the second language after Malay.

3. Brunei Darussalam

A small country in Southeast Asia which is popular as an exporter of crude oil and natural gas. Before the discovery of huge oil reserves in 1929, this country was only a poor British colony. However, now this country is a huge success and has become one of the richest countries in the world.

In 1888-1983, this country was under British rule. Brunei became independent as an Islamic state under the leadership of the 29th sultan. This country declared its independence on December 31, 1983. Until now, this country is still a member of the British Commonwealth.

4. Maldives

The country was under British protection until 1965. Then, this country gained full independence from Britain on July 26, 1965. Therefore, this country was one of the British Commonwealth countries.

From 1153 to 1968, the country was in the form of an independent Islamic empire. After gaining independence from Britain, the form of the imperial government only lasted for three years. Then the form of the government changed to become a republic.

5. Guyana

This country was under British rule in 1814. Then, Britain gave this country independence on May 26, 1966. So, it is not surprising that this country is the only country in South America that uses English as its official language.

Guyana’s education system is the best in the Caribbean because it is based on the British education system. However, although the education system is good, this country lacks educated teachers.

Now you know more about British Commonwealth countries that can increase your knowledge. At present, the total population of the entire Commonwealth country is around 2.4 billion people. So, the total population of the British Commonwealth country includes about 30 percent of the human population on the earth.

The US Presidents That Died in The Office, Keep Various Facts

Throughout the history of the United States, eight presidents died while in office. Of the eight people, four were killed and four died due to natural causes. And one of them, there died in the office. The following is a fact of the US presidents that died in the office.

Who is The US Presidents That Died in The Office?

Zachary Taylor’s is the one of some President of the United States. He served from 1949-1950. The man of British descent is also the highest officeholder in the United States military during his lifetime. Because Richard Taylor’s father is a lieutenant during the American Revolution.

Taylor is the 12th President of Uncle Sam’s Country. He was born on a plantation in Barboursville, Virginia, to a distinguished family who owned a British estate. Taylor came from the party Whig and Millard Fillmore as vice president.

He was the first president of the United States who came from the Army military. During his 40 years serving in the Army, his rank rose to the position of General. He has fought 4 battles during his lifetime.

Taylor had become famous throughout the United States. Because it has military victories, one of which is the war against Mexico.

The Mystery of The Murder

Before he died, Talyor was known to be at the opening ceremony of the Washington Monument. From the confession of several close relatives mentioned that when he arrived at the monument, he had eaten some cherries and drank a glass of milk.

After attending the event at the Washington Monument, Talyor was immediately treated at the nearest hospital. According to the doctor who treated him, the President is struck symptoms such as cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and dehydration.

In addition to information from the doctor who treats him, in the 1800 era the US was also caused by cholera outbreaks. It is strongly has suspect that cholera infecting Taylor come from cherries and milk which he eats.

His death was associated with an attack of digestive diseases. But according to experts, the same symptoms are symptoms of arsenic poisoning. And according to them anyway, maybe Taylor was killed by his political enemies.

Clara Rising, a writer of historical novels, put forward two names: Vice President Millard Fillmore and senator Henry Clay from Kentucky. Taylor is an opponent of slavery. He also supports the recognition of California as a state free from slavery. This leaves more states free from slavery than slavery.

After Taylor’s death, it turns out, Fillmore supported the compromise proposal drafted by Clay. Namely, California is a slavery-free state in pairs with New Mexico which enforces slavery. Isn’t this a strong motive to eliminate the president? That’s what Rising believed.

Some Hints Found

Before excavating Taylor’s grave, the researchers conduct a historical check at the White House to ascertain whether Taylor’s body was embalmed or not. In the 1800 era, almost all embalming processes used arsenic.

Now, if this was finish on Taylor’s body, then it would be impossible to identify whether he was poison to death or not. Fortunately, according to rissing, from records found, Taylor’s wife did not allow her husband’s body to be embalmed.

The oxidation that occurs in the coffin provides additional evidence that Taylor was not given the embalm. The researchers also sent muscle tissue samples to the lab medical Louisiana and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

In the investigation, both the results of chemical tests and nuclear tests, apparently showed that the tissue contained “normal levels of arsenic substances”. This means that Taylor’s body was not embalmed, and this result confirms that Taylor died not because of arsenic poisoning.

Those are the facts of the US presidents that died in the office. However, the fact that is still a mystery cannot be solved with certainty. It is related to the alleged death of Zachary himself. There are still allegations that cannot confirm with certainty.

5 Lists of The Controversial Trump Policies You Need to Know

President Donald Trump is well known as a controversial figure. But in fact, he managed to become president of the United States. Trump often makes the controversial trump policies, which makes all the countries go crazy.

Since becoming President on 20 January 2017, he has made several controversial policies. The Controversy policy not only affected the United States but also affected other countries. Here are 5 the controversial trump policies by far:

1.     Prohibiting The Entry of Immigrants from Seven Muslim Countries

He issued a presidential order governing the prohibition of the entry of immigrants into the US. According to him, it was required to prevent increased acts of terrorism in the US. He thinks that every act of terrorism is the fault of immigrants from conflicting countries.

Based on that, he limits the rate of immigrants from 7 countries that are predominantly Muslim. These countries are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. This action has drawn much criticism from many countries.

2.     Build an American-Mexican Border Wall

This policy is also one of his campaign promises. He wants to build a border wall to block illegal immigrants from coming to the US. This development can overcome the problem of entry of immigrants and national security.

He signed a presidential order to build a wall on the border. In addition, he also decides that Mexico has to pay for the construction of the border wall. However, the Mexican side refused his wish and did not want to pay for the construction of the border wall.

3.     He Considers That Climate Change and Global Warming are not Important Issues

He said that the Paris agreement that had been agreed in 2015 could still be negotiated. This caused Germany counselor to reply forcefully to this argument. She said that the Paris Agreement was final and could not be negotiated anymore.

He is anti-climate change and global warming issues. He considers the issue will only hamper the country’s economic development. Then, he decided that the United States out of the Paris Agreement in June 2017. This policy is very controversial because this issue should be a global issue that must be resolved immediately.

4.     Out of The Trans-Pacific Partnership

He believes that this trade agreement does not provide great benefits for the country. He took this step because according to him the partnership only harmed American companies. Furthermore, he also considers this partnership also makes labor from the country is ineffective.

This is because many American companies eventually run abroad. Whereas this forum has many advantages for the people of the United States. But, unfortunately, he misinterpreted it.

5.     Moved the United States Embassy From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The support of the United States government to the Israeli government has been there since a long time ago. However, he showed this support openly. The latest controversy is he moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

Many world leaders are disapproving the move. It is because it will disturb the peace of the two countries. Moreover, this action is a provocative action. It can make other countries take similar actions.

Those are the controversial Trump policies that caused chaos all over the world. He also made a controversial policy with several domestic policy changes. These policies sometimes lead to new problems that harm the country.

Get to Know Some of The Famous Peace Personalities

The world is now living in peace, but people should know that is wasn’t always like this. In the past, many incidents destroyed many countries and their populations. Many people were just desperate for the condition, while some people to try to fight out. These people couldn’t just stand quiet seeing their rights taken away, therefore they started to fight for it. These famous peace personalities are brave and amazing, even fighting until today.

Even though people do not mark them as a hero, they do deserve an honor. Because of these people, the world has become a better and peaceful place. So, who are the people that brought peace to this world and how did they do it? And are there any famous peace personalities today still alive? Well, check this out!

1. Nelson Mandela

Everyone in Africa knows him as the father of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was a famous activist who fought against people who gave disadvantages to racial segregation. He was very brave and sounding, especially if any rules gave loss to Africans people. But this action made him in jail for almost 20 years. Despite changing his personality, he became even braver after coming out. His tough and brave personality then made him the first president of Africa.

2.     John Lennon

People might know him as a singer rather than a famous activist. However, John Lennon is also one of the famous peace personalities in the world. He and his wife were against the war and conflict in Vietnam. A way to show this was by the song give peace a chance in one of his albums. They also made a bed-ins for people during the war. This place could receive people who became homeless during the war. However, his brave actions made him got killed in 1980.

3.     Malala Yousafzai

A brave peace activist in the world is Malala from Pakistan. She is one of many girls in Pakistan who shouted out her needs. In her young age, she shouted out the importance of rights for women and kids in Pakistan. She made sure that every woman can get an education just like men in her place. Until today, she is still the voice of many women especially for those in Pakistan.

4.     Betty William

Going through a not happy experience, made Betty do a change in her life. After having to be a witness of a cruel incident, Betty decided to campaign non-violence in Northern Ireland. With her kind personality, she couldn’t see any more innocent people die due to violence. Therefore in 1976, she made a non-profit organization to help the victims of the Irelands Population.

5.     Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi is one of the people that made India independence. Through his fight, he was put in jail several times. He was never against anything, however, he wanted to make India a peaceful place. And that was what he was fighting for in 1900. His hard work did pay off because India successfully became independence.  

These famous peace personalities have changed the world very much. The world may not be like this, without their fight and effort. So, the least we can do is to maintain what they have done. Take care of the world and make peace with others.

Success Under 40 And Written In The Billionaire List In USA With Charity Program

billionaire list in USA

Success sometimes described as a rich person. It shows how much bucks you have, how fancy your holiday is, or how many cars parked in your garage. But for some others, success is not only about the money. Success is about being useful for their surroundings. These people are incredible. They are young, under 40, included in billionaire list in USA, and spending their money on charity.

People below are ranked on The Forbes 400: The Wealthiest Americans. Every year Forbes lists the wealthiest people, profiles, then ranks them. Forbes also categorizes into several criteria, one of them is a philanthropy score. This item sees how generous the billionaires are. The score starts from 1 to 5. The higher the score, the more generous they are. Here are the young charity people in the billionaire list in USA:

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Who doesn’t know this minimalist young guy? As the CEO of famous social media Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is also known as a philanthropist. Based on the list, he got 5 for philanthropy scores. He donated his money to some education projects and schools related to networking and web development. Then, he concerned about a health issue. In October 2014, he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced that his wealth supported to combat the Ebola virus disease.

2. Dustin Moskovitz

Worked with Mark Zuckerberg in building Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz also got 5 for his philanthropy score. By age 35, he and his wife run a philanthropic foundation “Good Ventures” which established in 2011. The main mission of Good Ventures was helping humanity thrive, such as against malaria. Now Good Ventures supports GiveWell, a charity evaluator, for wider good influence. Dustin Moskovitz and his wife are also the youngest couples that signed Giving Pledge, a project of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet which commits billionaire to donate wealth for philanthropy.

3. Sean Parker

Sean Parker was a co-founder of music-file sharing “Napster” and an internet hacker at the same time. But he was more familiar as the president of Facebook. In June 2015, he launched the Parker Foundation and donated $600 there. Now, the foundation actively supports technology, company building, media, and public policy. Also, there are three focuses of Parker Foundation which are life sciences, global health, and civic engagement.

4. Lukas Walton

Lukas Walton, a grandson of Walmart founder Sam Walton, was sitting on rank 27 of billionaire list in USA. Even though his philanthropy score was 2, Luks Walton is an active investor until now. Through the Walton Family Foundation, his concerns about environmental innovation and social impact are mediated. This is because he believes that by improving life quality, he can protect the health of this planet too.

5. Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan is in rank 100. He is now 36 and running the Duncan family fortune with his three siblings. Forbes noted his wealth worth $6.3B by 2019. He is active in a fundraising activity, such as for The Archie Foundation. His other philanthropy project supports people living through Dan L. Duncan Family Foundation.

Aren’t they cool? Being rich and useful at their young ages. There are still many people in the billionaire list in USA. But not all of them are donating their wealth to help others or the environment. That is why these people have a special place in people’s minds because of their charity programs.