Public Figures With The Most Instagram Followers From Around The World That You Never Realize

In today’s life, Instagram becomes one of the most popular social media. Most people use social media. Moreover, no one don’t know about social media especially Instagram. Then, Instagram makes people becomes famous. Many people become public figures who have many followers on their Instagram. Thus, how about the real public figure? Did they have such an Instagram account or not? Of course, they have. They have many followers on Instagram. Then, do you know the public figures with the most Instagram followers from around the world? To break your curious, I will kindly show you about them.

1. Taylor Swift

The first public figures with the most Instagram followers from around the world is Taylor Swift. Everyone around the world knows who is her. She is a singer with multi-talents which has many fans around the world. Thus, you will not surprise if she is categorized as the public figure which has many followers on her Instagram. It causes by her popularity and talent. She has amounts of 119.6 million of followers. So, it is a big number and it is difficult to reach if you are not famous people like her.

2. Neymar

The second position is Neymar. Who doesn’t know him? The most popular members of the French club Paris Saint of Germany and Brazil national team. He has uploaded many pictures that show a good pose. His picture reflects his carrier as an athlete. He is such a cool man. Thus, we will not surprise if he has many followers on his Instagram amounts of 122.9 million. He is not only becoming popular in reality but also in social media.

3. Leo Messi

Then, the next position is coming from the cool man again. Even you are a football lover or not, you might know about this guy. Leo Messi becomes popular in Instagram with 125.8 followers. It is a big number which is enough to make him popular around the world. His pictures and name have been used for any kind of product especially for the shirt. Many shirts contain the name of Leo Messi or even his face. He is so famous as a football player.

4. Beyonce

Beyonce has 129.5 million followers in her Instagram. She is a great singer which is popular as a queen of music. In her Instagram account, she share many picture which is reflecting her personality and ability in music. She also shares anything about her activity. Many people around the world like her and become her fans. Not only about her singing but also, about her appearances. She is a very beautiful and energetic singer queen.

5. Selena Gomez

All people know about Selena Gomez. This beautiful and sexy public figure has become the public figures with the most Instagram followers from around the world. She has 159.7 million followers in Instagram. She is multi-talent public figure. Then, Selena Gomez are able to singing, acting, and many others. Mostly, she is known as a singer even many people also know her as an actress and model.

To sum up, they are public figures with the most Instagram followers from around the world. Therefore, all of them has already known by many people both in reality and social media. Thus, can you imagine how successful they are? Or wondering about their income in a year? It must be wonderful.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why People Love and Hate Disney

Disney is one of the biggest entertainment and media companies. Almost all Disney films are very popular; it is because of the storyline, the song, or the visuals. However, not everyone likes Disney. So, in this article, you will read about the reasons why people love and hate Disney.

Disney does have an image as a company that produces a lot of cartoons. Possibly, that’s why there are people who don’t like Disney. If you are interested to know more about is, here are the reasons why people love and hate Disney:

1.     Sometimes Disney is Too Sadistic For Children

Disney films usually have characters with evil roles. This role is usually the enemy of their main characters. Many Disney cartoons tell the story that all enemies or all bad people must die. But that does not mean Disney does not forgive.

Many scenes that the protagonist does not punish the villain because he forgives his mistakes. But a heart that has become too evil seems difficult to change. Then, in the end, such people must indeed die. Sometimes it is not good if watched for children.

2.     They Have a Great Music

Let It Go won Oskar, and many Disney songs won other awards. Therefore, there are no ordinary Disney songs. For example, only the theme of love with a super upset tone. Most of the notes and lyrics are mixed with motivations that can help people get rid of their problems.

Furthermore, Disney songs are still good to hear many times. Therefore, many radios sometimes play Disney songs over a long period of time. However, there are those who feel bored because Disney songs are often played on the radio.

3.     Disney Has Really Stunning Visuals

Every background and animation is so detailed that it does not bore the viewer. For example, you will see the realistic effect of snow in the movie Frozen. Or, you can feel like being under the sea when watching a mermaid movie.

You will see a cartoon with a very realistic effect so that you seem to be in it. Although it looks cartoony but Disney managed to win the hearts of the audience. However, you do not expect that Disney cartons will be like anime cartoons because they have different styles.

4.     The Storyline Is Sometimes Predictable

Disney often offers almost the same storyline in every film. For example, a story about a princess from a fairyland who finally found a handsome prince. Or, the story of the struggle of a hero who has a happy ending.

The storyline is a very typical Disney. This makes their benchmarks but it also sometimes bores the audience. So, viewers can often predict the end of Disney films.

5.     Disney Characters Appear Everywhere

Who does not know Elsa, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Mermaid, or Lion King? All of them are very famous Disney characters. Usually, these characters appear everywhere, ranging from children’s books, posters on the streets, to advertisements on television. This is certainly good because it proves that Disney has a very strong character.

However, it also sometimes becomes a boomerang for Disney. Characters that appear too often sometimes make the audience bored. However, fortunately, Disney has many characters so you can see a variety of characters, not just one character.

Those are the reasons why people love and hate Disney. That reason certainly makes sense because not everyone can enjoy Disney. For you personally, do you love or hate Disney?

The Most Beautiful Actress In The Past Decade You Should Know

Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman on the screen? Surely, everyone would like to watch a beautiful actress in a movie. These days there are many beautiful actresses not only from Hollywood but also from other nations. Many of them are young, but some of the most beautiful actress in the past decade is also a favorite. So, who is the most beautiful actress in your thoughts and why?

There are many new actresses these quite attractive days. However, the senior actresses are not losing their beauty either. Some senior actress is even hotter than ever. Well, here are some of the most beautiful actress in the past decade: 

1. Christie Brinkley

Who would ever guess that this hot actress in 65 years old? Anyone who sees her will think she is still in her 40’s and still young. Well, this talented actress has shown that by eating healthy food, your body will also be healthy. Therefore, even though she is already in her 60’s her body and skin are still tight. No wonder many people like her and calls her as one of the most beautiful actresses there is. 

2. Elizabeth Hurley

The next beautiful actress that everyone loves is Elizabeth Hurley. She is not known as an actor only, but also a film producer. With her ability as a model and film producer, many people fall for her. Until today she has received many kinds of awards such as hottest celebrities of all time and the best for many things. 

3. Rachel Weisz

This actress from London is known as one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. Her name is Denis Makarenko, who is now 48 years. Anyone who sees here will sure think that she is still in her 30’s. Many people think that the older she gets, the more beautiful she is. Therefore, she once was nominated as one of the best living English actresses. 

4. Sandra Bullock

Who doesn’t know this golden globe award actress? Well, she is not only an expert in acting, but she also has beauty. Even though she is 55 years old, her beauty has become stronger making her still look beautiful. She has her main secret in health is by drinking a lot of water every day. Well, it seems that her secret is successful. Because she is the most beautiful actress in the past decade.

5. Emma Watson

At the beginning of 2000, little Emma Watson came to the world as Hermione. At that, she was a cute little girl. As time passed she became a mature beautiful actress that is very multitalented. Even though she is now in her 30’s no one will have to question her beauty and brain. Because everyone knows that she is a complete pack.

Who is everyone’s favorite and most beautiful actress in the past decade? Well, it is sure that everyone will have different answers to this question. Most of the actresses are not only beautiful but also very talented in many things. Therefore, no wonder they are many people’s favorite and idol. But at least we now know some of their secrets in being beautiful. 

Best Series On Netflix 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss

If you looking for a good series to binge-watch for your weekends, you are in the right place. This article will give you recommendations about the best series on Netflix 2019. From the famous Stranger Things to Black Mirror, check out some of the best series on Netflix below!

Series On Netflix

As you know, Netflix is probably the most popular movie streaming platform now. Thus, you can watch a lot of good shows or series on Netflix, from a family-friendly to the mystery -thriller series. The series on Netflix include the original series and also from other platforms.

All you need to do is to subscribe to Netflix. Then, that’s it. You can now enjoy your favorite series everywhere. In your smartphone, smartTV, tablets, or even a game console. As long as you connect to the internet, you can watch your favorite series everywhere!

Best Series On Netflix 2019

Here are some recommendations for Netflix’s best series in 2019. You can watch with your family, friends, or even yourself. On your weekend, free times, or even short break-time.

1. Stranger Things

This series is probably the most-known series on Netflix since 2016. The show starts with the disappearance of a young boy named Will. Later on, the secrets kept by the government lab is revealed. Another world, monsters, and a little girl appears to the climax.

Stranger Things is mostly played by young actors, such as Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and many more. Therefore, the fanbase is now everywhere around the world!

2. 13 Reasons Why

The next on the list is 13 Reasons Why. This show is about a girl named Hannah Barker who killed herself because of bullying. Then, she left audio diaries on tapes which mailed to a friend. Those tapes then revealed the real reason behind her death.

3. The Politician

The next best series is The Politician. The show is about the dream of a high school student to be the president of the United States. Then, her journey begins with his navigation on a treacherous political landscape in Saint Sebastian School.

Ben Platt, Lucy Boynton, Zoe Deutch, Gwyneth Paltrow are big names who starred in this series. Also, you can get musical and comedy references from watching this series.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Originally from Fox, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another TV shows on Netflix since 2013. This show is about the detective Jake that doesn’t take his job seriously. Yet, he has the best arrest record among his colleagues. And the story goes on until he works on cases in Brooklyn’s 99th precinct.

Starred by top actors like Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz, this show got several awards. That includes the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series.

5. Black Mirror

The last on the list is Black Mirror. If you like science fiction series, you going to like this series. This show is mostly about technology and its impact on human life. Shortly, the series will show you about the disadvantages of the rapid development of technology and digitalism.

Those were some best series on Netflix 2019 to spend your free time. Thus, with those recommendations, you’re now stocked with good series. Therefore, despite your series preferences, all of those 5 recommendations are worth to binge!