Here Are 5 Reasons Why People Love and Hate Disney

Disney is one of the biggest entertainment and media companies. Almost all Disney films are very popular; it is because of the storyline, the song, or the visuals. However, not everyone likes Disney. So, in this article, you will read about the reasons why people love and hate Disney.

Disney does have an image as a company that produces a lot of cartoons. Possibly, that’s why there are people who don’t like Disney. If you are interested to know more about is, here are the reasons why people love and hate Disney:

1.     Sometimes Disney is Too Sadistic For Children

Disney films usually have characters with evil roles. This role is usually the enemy of their main characters. Many Disney cartoons tell the story that all enemies or all bad people must die. But that does not mean Disney does not forgive.

Many scenes that the protagonist does not punish the villain because he forgives his mistakes. But a heart that has become too evil seems difficult to change. Then, in the end, such people must indeed die. Sometimes it is not good if watched for children.

2.     They Have a Great Music

Let It Go won Oskar, and many Disney songs won other awards. Therefore, there are no ordinary Disney songs. For example, only the theme of love with a super upset tone. Most of the notes and lyrics are mixed with motivations that can help people get rid of their problems.

Furthermore, Disney songs are still good to hear many times. Therefore, many radios sometimes play Disney songs over a long period of time. However, there are those who feel bored because Disney songs are often played on the radio.

3.     Disney Has Really Stunning Visuals

Every background and animation is so detailed that it does not bore the viewer. For example, you will see the realistic effect of snow in the movie Frozen. Or, you can feel like being under the sea when watching a mermaid movie.

You will see a cartoon with a very realistic effect so that you seem to be in it. Although it looks cartoony but Disney managed to win the hearts of the audience. However, you do not expect that Disney cartons will be like anime cartoons because they have different styles.

4.     The Storyline Is Sometimes Predictable

Disney often offers almost the same storyline in every film. For example, a story about a princess from a fairyland who finally found a handsome prince. Or, the story of the struggle of a hero who has a happy ending.

The storyline is a very typical Disney. This makes their benchmarks but it also sometimes bores the audience. So, viewers can often predict the end of Disney films.

5.     Disney Characters Appear Everywhere

Who does not know Elsa, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Mermaid, or Lion King? All of them are very famous Disney characters. Usually, these characters appear everywhere, ranging from children’s books, posters on the streets, to advertisements on television. This is certainly good because it proves that Disney has a very strong character.

However, it also sometimes becomes a boomerang for Disney. Characters that appear too often sometimes make the audience bored. However, fortunately, Disney has many characters so you can see a variety of characters, not just one character.

Those are the reasons why people love and hate Disney. That reason certainly makes sense because not everyone can enjoy Disney. For you personally, do you love or hate Disney?

Destination of Diving Springs in Florida, You Must Visit

Diving or diving is synonymous with the beach and sea. This water sport can also be done in other places, there are various places for spring diving in Florida. The following is about diving springs in Florida.

About Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs, located in northern Florida, is a hole that looks like a pond. Jacques Cousteau, a world-class diver, who discovered Ginnie Springs. Since opening to the public in 1975, Ginnie Springs has become one of the favorite tourist destinations that you must visit when visiting Florida.

As already mentioned, Ginnie Springs Outdoors will provide a unique experience for divers who want to dive there. Not to mention the clear water which is also used by tourists who wants to canoe, swim, and even down the river.

In addition, the freshwater that fills the Ginnie Springs pond also comes from seven springs that flow into the hole. The pool which has a diameter of about one hundred meters with a depth of approximately 45.7 meters is connected to the Santa Fe River area.

Ginnie Springs Outdoors has long held the status as one of the most favorite freshwater diving spots in the world. So, there is no reason for visitors to miss this destination. However, there are special requirements for tourists who want to dive in Ginnie Springs, must have a special certificate.

Don’t worry, because there is a class for visitors. Who want to try out the ability to explore the waters of Ginnie Springs to get an Open Water certificate. Then, visitors are also only allowed to explore to of 15.24 meters to avoid muddy areas and mazes are very dangerous.

Visitors can also camp around the diving area. but before visiting, make sure you have prepared the needs and excellent body condition. Do not let your diving experience is broke because of a lack of preparation.

The Spot of Key Largo

Key Largo is a beautiful and easy place for diving, making it a popular weekend destination. John Pennekamp’s Coral Reef State Park is the attraction in Key Largo, which covers 70 square miles of ocean from the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

This place is popular for snorkeling and famous for its extraordinary aquatic life, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, and camping. In addition to diving in marine life, this reef is famous for the underwater statue of Jesus Christ.

The park has a small swimming area with a shell-covered beach, but many people come here to dive. There are a picnic area and information center with views on habitat and marine life. Various tours are available, including glass-bottom boat tours to get a close look below sea level.

After diving 21 meters in Key Largo, Florida, visitors will reach Jules Undersea Lodge. That building is an underwater hotel. This three-room cottage is available with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, air conditioning, hot shower, television, even wi-fi. Of course, visitors must dive to get to that room.

Key Largo is a diving springs in Florida that is very famous in the world. Because of the underwater beauty that spoiled the eyes of divers.

Those are some places for diving springs in Florida. the place is very famous in the world with underwater beauty. making visitors to the country of Florida to take a stop in the tour.

Get to Know Some of The Famous Peace Personalities

The world is now living in peace, but people should know that is wasn’t always like this. In the past, many incidents destroyed many countries and their populations. Many people were just desperate for the condition, while some people to try to fight out. These people couldn’t just stand quiet seeing their rights taken away, therefore they started to fight for it. These famous peace personalities are brave and amazing, even fighting until today.

Even though people do not mark them as a hero, they do deserve an honor. Because of these people, the world has become a better and peaceful place. So, who are the people that brought peace to this world and how did they do it? And are there any famous peace personalities today still alive? Well, check this out!

1. Nelson Mandela

Everyone in Africa knows him as the father of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was a famous activist who fought against people who gave disadvantages to racial segregation. He was very brave and sounding, especially if any rules gave loss to Africans people. But this action made him in jail for almost 20 years. Despite changing his personality, he became even braver after coming out. His tough and brave personality then made him the first president of Africa.

2.     John Lennon

People might know him as a singer rather than a famous activist. However, John Lennon is also one of the famous peace personalities in the world. He and his wife were against the war and conflict in Vietnam. A way to show this was by the song give peace a chance in one of his albums. They also made a bed-ins for people during the war. This place could receive people who became homeless during the war. However, his brave actions made him got killed in 1980.

3.     Malala Yousafzai

A brave peace activist in the world is Malala from Pakistan. She is one of many girls in Pakistan who shouted out her needs. In her young age, she shouted out the importance of rights for women and kids in Pakistan. She made sure that every woman can get an education just like men in her place. Until today, she is still the voice of many women especially for those in Pakistan.

4.     Betty William

Going through a not happy experience, made Betty do a change in her life. After having to be a witness of a cruel incident, Betty decided to campaign non-violence in Northern Ireland. With her kind personality, she couldn’t see any more innocent people die due to violence. Therefore in 1976, she made a non-profit organization to help the victims of the Irelands Population.

5.     Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi is one of the people that made India independence. Through his fight, he was put in jail several times. He was never against anything, however, he wanted to make India a peaceful place. And that was what he was fighting for in 1900. His hard work did pay off because India successfully became independence.  

These famous peace personalities have changed the world very much. The world may not be like this, without their fight and effort. So, the least we can do is to maintain what they have done. Take care of the world and make peace with others.

The Most Beautiful Actress In The Past Decade You Should Know

Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman on the screen? Surely, everyone would like to watch a beautiful actress in a movie. These days there are many beautiful actresses not only from Hollywood but also from other nations. Many of them are young, but some of the most beautiful actress in the past decade is also a favorite. So, who is the most beautiful actress in your thoughts and why?

There are many new actresses these quite attractive days. However, the senior actresses are not losing their beauty either. Some senior actress is even hotter than ever. Well, here are some of the most beautiful actress in the past decade: 

1. Christie Brinkley

Who would ever guess that this hot actress in 65 years old? Anyone who sees her will think she is still in her 40’s and still young. Well, this talented actress has shown that by eating healthy food, your body will also be healthy. Therefore, even though she is already in her 60’s her body and skin are still tight. No wonder many people like her and calls her as one of the most beautiful actresses there is. 

2. Elizabeth Hurley

The next beautiful actress that everyone loves is Elizabeth Hurley. She is not known as an actor only, but also a film producer. With her ability as a model and film producer, many people fall for her. Until today she has received many kinds of awards such as hottest celebrities of all time and the best for many things. 

3. Rachel Weisz

This actress from London is known as one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. Her name is Denis Makarenko, who is now 48 years. Anyone who sees here will sure think that she is still in her 30’s. Many people think that the older she gets, the more beautiful she is. Therefore, she once was nominated as one of the best living English actresses. 

4. Sandra Bullock

Who doesn’t know this golden globe award actress? Well, she is not only an expert in acting, but she also has beauty. Even though she is 55 years old, her beauty has become stronger making her still look beautiful. She has her main secret in health is by drinking a lot of water every day. Well, it seems that her secret is successful. Because she is the most beautiful actress in the past decade.

5. Emma Watson

At the beginning of 2000, little Emma Watson came to the world as Hermione. At that, she was a cute little girl. As time passed she became a mature beautiful actress that is very multitalented. Even though she is now in her 30’s no one will have to question her beauty and brain. Because everyone knows that she is a complete pack.

Who is everyone’s favorite and most beautiful actress in the past decade? Well, it is sure that everyone will have different answers to this question. Most of the actresses are not only beautiful but also very talented in many things. Therefore, no wonder they are many people’s favorite and idol. But at least we now know some of their secrets in being beautiful. 

Things To Do At Polo Beach Oahu You Shouldn’t Miss

Hawaii has many beautiful beaches that you can enjoy. One of the famous beaches here is Polo Beach Oahu. This beach is in Mokuleia, North Shore, and West Waialua. In addition, this beach is on the island of Oahu, an island with many populations.

Oahu Island is also one of the most visited by tourists. This is because the island has many beautiful beaches. Moreover, you can do many activities on this beach. The following are various activities that you can do at Polo Beach Oahu:

1. Sunbathing

The first thing you should try on this beach is sunbathing. This beach is famous for its “optional clothing” beach, so you can sunbathe without wearing clothes on this beach. This is a rare experience, so you can try it.

You do not need to be afraid because there is a special area if you want to try it. Furthermore, you can see a calm view of Wailea. In addition, you can also feel the beach sand while sunbathing on the beach.

2. Romantic Dinner

Having dinner here is very romantic. You can try a romantic dinner here with your partner. One place to eat that you can try with your partner is Nick’s Fishmarket.

There is an open-air bar so you can enjoy the beautiful views. You and your partner can see the beautiful Kea Lana garden at night. If you have stayed at the resort, you can use a romantic dinner package at your resort.

3. Snorkeling

This beach is great for those of you who like to snorkel. When the ocean is calm, you can enjoy snorkeling at the north end of the beach. The sandy entry and mild slope make snorkeling very enjoyable. But you still have to be careful if there are large waves.

So, you are not advised to snorkel. You can see great underwater scenery if you snorkel. Furthermore, you can see also a lot of sea fishes that you do not find anywhere else. Snorkeling in Polo Beach Oahu will be an experience you can never forget.

4. Kayaking and Boogie Boarding

This beach is the right place for you to do kayaking and boogie boarding. This beach sometimes has calm waves so you can do water sports here. Many people say this beach is also suitable if you are an amateur to do kayaking and boogie boarding.

You do not need to be confused about the equipment because there are many rentals that rent a kayak here. Furthermore, you can enjoy the beauty of Wailea using kayaking and boogie boarding. Moreover, it is very easy for you to find showers and public washrooms.

5. Scuba Diving

One of the reasons people come to this beach is to do diving. You will see a variety of colorful fish and turtles here. Moreover, you can also see underwater caves, which are very rarely found on other beaches.

If you are interested in doing this but you have never dived before, you can buy a dive package here. Certified instructors will teach you until you can dive into the ocean. Of course, this will be fun for you and add to your experience while at this beach.

That is a variety of activities that you can do in Polo Beach Oahu. All these activities are fun and you can do everything here. Invite your partner or your family to stay here to make it more enjoyable.

5 Memorable Classic Nokia Games People Miss the Most

Today smartphone is a must-have item for everyone. However, smartphones are the improvement of the previous phone. One of the famous old cell phones is Nokia. A million people used Nokia. Thus, if you mention “Nokia” now, each people have their own memory with that brand, including the games. Here we want to get you flashback by memorizing the classic Nokia games people miss the most below.

classic nokia games people miss the most

Actually, Nokia has tried to make its smartphone version “Nokia Plus”. Unluckily, they seem hard to compete with the other brand. However, people still love Nokia for certain reasons. Moreover, those who have memory in the past. See the classic Nokia games people miss the most below, you probably want to install and play it again:

1. Snake ‘97

There is nothing can beat this game time killer ever. Snake ’97 is the most favorite game in Nokia ever. Wherever you are, you can play this game for fun. Keep your snake longer and don’t let it bites itself. The game is so interesting because once your level is up, the snake will be faster.

2. Bounce

Bounce is also a memorable childhood game. You must be crazy to keep the ball is rolling. Don’t let it touches the ring or the other objects. The higher your level, the more challenging the game will be. Luckily, you can enjoy this game on Android now. Its fans adopt Bounce Classic becomes the smartphone game.

3. Space Impact

Be a hero again by playing Space Impact. This game was launched on Nokia 3310, then it became bundled to the other Nokia series, including Nokia 3410, 5510, and 6310. You must remember when you move up and down but not save for stepping forward. Whenever your level is up, your weapon is upgraded too. That was the exciting part, moreover when you face the kind of the monster.

4. Bantumi

Bantumi is also one of the famous games in our childhood. This game was released at the same time with Snake and Space Impact. Playing this game is so easy, just like the traditional game but transform into a digital version. Fill each hole with the seed and don’t let you stop in the blank hole. You can play this game on Android too with the same name “Bantumi.

5. Pocket Carrom

This game is popular in South and East Asian countries, then Nokia adapted as its one of the game features. This game is usually for family or friends. When you play it on your Nokia, you can enjoy the game by yourself. It doesn’t make the game less exciting because this game allows for two players too. No matter you play as single or multiplayer, Pocket Carrom is worth to play again to exercise your strategy.

During the time Nokia transforms itself, many games were created. Until it developed to the N-Gage version and now its smartphone, Nokia always has a special place inside its market. Have a sweet nostalgia moment with those classic Nokia games people miss the most. Probably you still remember the trick to winning the game, just like when you were young at that moment.

List Of The Best Restaurant In Miami Beach That You Should Treat Yourself There

Miami Beach is an American idol. Since the 20th century, Miami Beach becomes a prime destination to explore beaches and other attractive things. Most importantly, you don’t play on the beach on an empty belly. Located in Florida, Miami Beach offers an unforgettable dining experience. So, here is a list of the best restaurant in Miami Beach:

Best Restaurant In Miami Beach

1. The Surf Club Restaurant

If you’re a fan of a darling American chef Thomas Keller, then here is where you can taste his food. Complete your surfing day with The Maine lobster Thermidor. This is one of the best restaurant in Miami Beach. Besides, a large portion of a roasted chicken is more than enough to seal the day.

2. The Jim and Nessie

Located at The Generator’s lobby, this small restaurant offers a delicate seafood platter. Moreover, a casual dining concept makes this place such a comfort zone. After you taste a fresh oyster served with cucumber mint mignonette, wash it down with something from a cocktail bar. Beach day has never been this perfect.

3. Le Zoo

French always know how to serve a fine meal. Le Zoo is a French bistro located inside a shopping mall. If you want your beach day to become a little bit classy, then try a traditional French onion soup. Not to forget that Le Zoo is a Stephen Starr restaurant.

4. Makoto

Just another shopping mall restaurant, but still, the best! Makoto is a Japanese restaurant that serves a Japanese risotto of brown rice and seasonal veggies and truffles. Additionally, their spicy tuna crispy rice is a signature. But, don’t take it wrong, Makoto still serves authentic sushi and robata-grilled. Tabemashou!

5. Le Sirenuse Miami Restaurant

You come to the right place for a plate of halibut filet. Yes, it will cost you a lot of money, but it’s worth it. A buttery fillet of halibut is a piece of happiness. Besides, the beautiful back terrace is a perfect compliment. Ultimately, such a beautiful spot to enjoy pasta, risottos and a glass of fine champagne.

6. Scarpetta

Grandma’s cooking is always the best choice for an empty belly. Scarpetta serves traditional homemade Italian cuisine. Scott Conant, the celebrity chef, adopt his family recipe to this restaurant. You will taste a mouthwatering fresh spaghetti in a simple sauce, mix with tomato basil, and they call it a Conant’s classic spaghetti.

7. Cecconi’s

Located in exclusive Soho Beach House, Cecconi’s is a style. If you come to Miami Beach with your lover, then here you can have your romantic dining. Both of you can enjoy the ambiance of a lighting courtesy while having a truffle goat cheese pizza. And after that, a passionate kiss.

8. Taquiza North Beach

Beach day without taco is dry. Step into Taquiza North Beach for a fresh and juicy taco. Here in the North Beach, the bar and the sitting room is bigger than its sister in South Beach. You will find no place like this, where coconut trees spreading in front of you while having taco in your grasp.

Strolling in Miami Beach means you award yourself with a delicate cuisine. Therefore, your beach day in Miami is a day to remember. So, do yourself a favor of the best restaurant in Miami Beach.

5 Top Furniture Brands with Budget You Must Know

Having a house with good interior design is everyone’s dream. However, furniture prices are usually very expensive, making it difficult for your home to have a good interior design. But, now there are top furniture brands with budget that allows you to buy furniture at affordable prices.

Top Furniture Brands with Budget

You can customize the furniture that you will buy according to the style of your home. Of course, this will make your home more comfortable and nice. If you are curious, let’s look at the list of top furniture brands with budget:


Many people like Ikea furniture products because of its simple material quality and model. In addition, many people nowadays like the modern minimalist interior style or Scandinavian style. This style gives the impression of clean, airy, and comfortable.

Ikea furniture meets these needs and the price is affordable. Furthermore, Ikea’s product design is very neutral to be combined with many interior styles. Ikea’s simple and firm design aesthetics are suitable to be placed anywhere.

2. Houzz

The next cheap furniture brand is Houzz. It is interesting because you will get a different shopping experience here. You can see many examples of styles on his website and you can buy furniture according to that style.

Categories created are not only based on product categories but also on interior design style categories. Therefore, if you apply a contemporary style to your home, you can immediately buy furniture that has the same style.

3. AllModern

One of the most favorite furniture brands is AllModern. Here, you can see many items at various prices. You can find small home accessories up to large furniture that complements the beauty of your home.

The most important is, you will often get discounts when shopping here. In addition, before you shop for a product, you can read the testimonials. That is important before you decide to buy furniture.

4. World Market

Are you looking for original and artisan furniture? You can shop here because you can find original and unique furniture from around the world. This brand is also famous for its artisan collections that can add to the beauty of your home’s interior.

You can find soft and unique Turkish rugs. Or, you can also find many models of chairs and tables all over the world. So, unique furniture with a variety of styles can be found here.

5. Wayfair

This brand is one of the top furniture brands with budget. Wayfair has many products that you can choose to complement the interior design of your home. You will find many discounts and attractive offers if you shop here.

For example, you will get a special discount if you become a member or join the loyalty program. You can search for furniture by room category. Uniquely, here you can find furniture for small spaces and costume furniture.

Those are the list of top furniture brands with budget. So, you can shop for a lot of furniture without thinking about the price. Furniture products are also diverse with good quality, so you will be very satisfied shopping there.

Vacation Village At Weston, Enjoying The Convenience Of Vacationing

vacation village at weston

Vacation Village at Weston is also part of Fort Lauderdale. A popular city that is home to 170000 residents. Besides that, there are many tourists who come here. that is why from year to year tourists are increasing. Weston is 30 kilometers west of Fort Lauderdale. Located about 28 kilometers west of downtown Lauderdale.

Vacation Village at Weston Packages

Can’t wait to spend time at amazing tourist destinations around?. Moreover, Weston City Center and Everglades Holiday Park are the best choices. So, those are tourist attractions. The one and only in here. In addition to some of these places. You might also like Sawgrass Recreational Park. Also Sawgrass Recreation Park.

No need to be too confused. there is a reason why there is no need to be confused. Because all four can provide a unique. And interesting holiday excitement. So, just visit all. When exploring downtown Fort Lauderdale. Spend your time visiting the Broward Center.

For the Performing Arts and Hugh Taylor Birch Park. In addition to some of these places. Try also to stop by the Stranahan House Historic Museum. And also the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. Markham Park and Regional Park in Weston are good places. Where young children can run for some time.

Popular Tourist Attraction Near Vacation Village at Weston

There are a variety of tours that are quite popular. Here tourists also can enjoy existing tours to spend the rest of the vacation. Here are a variety of tourist attractions that are near Weston.

1. Deerfield Beach Pier

Enjoy a trip to Deerfield Beach Pier. Many nice attractions on this beach. Especially, attend a sporting event match. Besides, simply enjoy an award-winning restaurant while you are in this area.

2. Las Olas Boulevard

You can look for the perfect souvenir. With a trip to Las Olas Boulevard. A popular shopping spot in Fort Lauderdale. Take a walk on the beach. Or explore the beautiful sunrise of this area.

3. Las Olas Beach

There’s no more exciting vacation. Like spending a day relaxing at Las Olas Beach. A popular beach in Fort Lauderdale. So then, go for a walk on the waterfront in this area. Or just enjoy one of the award-winning restaurants.

Popular activities in Weston

In Weston, several activities can certainly entertain any tourist. Tourists will be made to linger. To enjoy the activities provided. At a fairly affordable price. This is a variety of activities that can be enjoyed.

1. Mai-Kai Polynesia Dinner Show

Since 1956, it’s has captivated people. With warmth and magical aura. Mai-Kai authentically reinvents Polynesia Village. Complete with tiki torches, thatched roofs, tropical gardens, waterfalls. Also museum-quality artifacts.

2. Go Miami Explorer Card: Choose 3, 4, or 5 Tours & Attractions

Enjoy the sunshine from Key West to Miami Beach. With a variety of activities. Also tours of your choice. To see the colorful marine life on Key Largo use glass-bottomed. Rent a bicycle to see Art Deco South Beach. Or visit animals and creatures. Place at the Miami Zoo and Miami Seaquarium.

3. Flamingo Park, Botanical Gardens & Wildlife Sanctuary

Flamingo Park is a 60-acre non-profit botanical garden collection. That has a variety of endemic. Also exotic and rare plant species. This place is also the Everglades Wildlife Reserve for injured and endangered animals.

4. Miami Seaquarium

Get close views of various marine animals. Enjoying it at the Miami Seaquarium. Including dolphins, orca, and penguins. Explore this 15-hectare park. Which is famous for dolphins, sea lion, and orca performances.

5. Miami Tourist Bus Tours

Enjoy the beautiful view of the sun. Also the eccentric nuance of Miami. On the open double-decker bus. As you wish, explore the city center and enjoy the view. Go down wherever you want. To wander around the sand of South Beach. And discover the bustling surrounding areas such as Little Havana.

6. Jungle Island Park

Jungle Island is between downtown Miami and South Beach. In addition, you can see a variety of animals. Ranging from funny lemurs. Besides that, there are the world’s first tame cassowaries and parrots. Besides that, there are twin orangutans – Peanut & Pumpkin – and many more.

Those who want to stay at Vacation Village at Weston. Moreover, you are advised to get accommodation first. Because currently there are not many Weston hotels available. Places to stay in Weston, such as Mizner Place and Vacation Village should be considered comfortable living.

7 Hidden Games You Can Play Cn Google

games you can play cn google

Google has a valuation rate of $309 billion. Google is a big company in the world that always make many innovations. Firstly, people usually use Google as a search engine. In the same vein, you can also use a calculator, translator or many more in google. However, did you know there are some games you can play on Google?

Most of the time people always using the internet on their phone or PC. But outside there many people didn’t know about this hidden game you can play on google. While you are bored with any tasks, this can be the option to refresh you.

1. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a famous game in the world. This game is an XOX game in 3×3 fields. You just need to take 3 boxes in the same line. In other words, this game is so easy to play. Search keyword “Tic Tac Toe” on google and you can play this game. Also, you can invite your friends to play it together.

2. Solitaire

Solitaire is a solo player game card. Your task here is just to arrange the card from Ace to King Card. This games you can play on Google by searching “Solitaire” on your search engine. However, you can easily get bored with this game when you like an adventure game.

3. Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a game with Atari as a developer. In this game, there are one ball and one board. The ball will bounce and broke the wall on it. In short, you need to move the board and make the ball keep bouncing. Most importantly, if you wanna play this game, just search “Atari Breakout” on your Google search engine.

4. Zerg Rush

Try to search the keyword “Zerg Rush” on your Google. As a result, you will see a lot of O in the search engine. This game requires you to click this O alphabet. So, the alphabet will not erase your search page.

5. Pacman

Pacman is the old game that still popular until now. In this game, you will meet a yellow figure called Pacman. In short, all you have to do is controlling Pacman to eat a little dots. Just search “Pacman” on google and enjoy the game.

6. Basketball 2012

Basketball 2012 is a doodle basketball game in google you can play. This game is so easy to play. But, with this game, you can get relax for a little while. All you have to do is push the space button and hold it for a moment. The ball will glide to the ring as a result.

7. Slalom Canoe

Slalom Canoe is a sports illustration game. You just need to drive the canoe to avoid the stone and get over the river.  Just like the others, this game is also fun to play. But, this game is a little bit hard to control. Enjoy this game by search Slalom Canoe on Google search engine.

These are 7 best games you can play on google. All games are easy to play but still fun. I love to play Pacman, which one is your favorite?