Best Things About What To Do In Seattle

Actually, Seattle is also an interesting place to visit. There are a lot of tourist attractions to visit here. This is a short review of what to do in Seattle.

1. Space Needle

This is actually a high building with a circle room above it. You can see a beautiful view of Seattle from here.

It opens every day from 09.30 am to 08.00 pm. You can see an incredible sunset view from the top of the buildings.

The building’s design itself also be the main attraction of the tourist. It is clear to see that the buildings are made with a high sense of art.

2. Pike Place Market

This is the second-best answer while you are asking what to do in Seattle. In Pike Place Market you can see a lot of things to buy.

You can find fresh fishes, fashion, jewelry, toys, and many more. Since this place is wide enough, don’t forget to buy some food and drinks.

Here you can meet some restaurants which offer delicious food with cheap price. This market is a really interesting place to visit when you come to Seattle, so don’t forget to go there.

3. Chihuly Garden And Glass

This is the next thing about what to do in Seattle. Chihuly garden actually is a museum. It offers some collections of contemporary art which combine well with the garden.

The art object is placed well in the garden. So some art just looks like the part of the trees. It is like popping up naturally from the trees and be the most attractive thing there.

This place can be visited indoor too. You can see the beautiful art inside the building, in an installation. Most of the art object here is inspired by nature.

4. Museum Of Pop Culture

The next interesting museum to see is the museum of pop culture. There, you can see some unique art objects.

Just like the giant tower of guitars, spiderman statue with his iconic pose, and many odd things. Here you can see a lot of pop culture objects. Visiting this place won’t make you feel bored, because you can see a lot of incredible things around.

5. Pacific Science Center

Then, you can take your kids to the Pacific Science Center. As the name, this place shows a lot of scientific things.

It can be a great place to visit when your kids are on holiday. You can book the ticket first before come. So you don’t need to waste your time queue.

From the dinosaurs until the statue of the Chinese dynasty is shown here. So if you have kids, this place is the best place of what to do in Seattle to improve your kid’s knowledge.

6. Seattle Great Wheel

The sixth-place you can visit in Seattle is the great wheel. This is a big Ferris wheel, which offers a great view of Seattle.

You can just sit in there and see how pretty the city is. If you come in the holiday season or weekend it better to book the ticket first.

Those are the 6 best things about what to do in Seattle. You can go to this place when a holiday or weekends.

Visiting the incredible view and artistic place also can make your day better. After going to Seattle you will have a better mood to start your day of work.

Best Cooking Games With Levels In Android

The game becomes one of the most effective ways to eliminate fatigue. In the past the game was made for men, mostly of war, sports and adventure. But now, games are also made specifically for women and can also be played by children, cooking games. The following are recommended cooking games with levels.

1. Cooking Fever

The first game is cooking fever. This game is one of the best cooking games that is played on android. This game created by Nordcurrent has received a rating of 4.5 and has been downloaded more than 100 million times.In this game there are 400 levels that must be provided with 400 types of cuisine and 150 food ingredients.

Players will act as chefs of a restaurant that has another mission to beautify the restaurant. The category of this game is time management so players must manage time so that orders can be delivered to customers on time.

2. Cooking Madness

Cooking madness is one of the best cooking games with levels. This game was developed by Girl Games and can be played offline on android.Just like cooking fever, this game relies on the player’s ability to manage time.

Existing features in this game include opening a new restaurant in a different place, cooking while walking to open a new restaurant. In addition there are also combos and tips to improve cooking skills. Players will get a prize after completing a mission.

3. Diner Dash

This game has been known even since Android has not penetrated the IT world. This game has more than 150 levels that can be played. What makes it different from other cooking games because customers who are there have different personalities.

So the player must set which customers must be served first in order to meet the target. Players are also required to upgrade cooking equipment so they can serve customers faster. This is what makes the diner dash into one of cooking games with levels that is quite popular.

4. Cooking Joy

Cooking games are generally set in a restaurant or cafe. In contrast to Cooking Joy which makes the player acts as a chef on a cruise ship. This game is also included in the time management category so that the challenge will be given in the form of a player’s speed in making food.

The available features are not much different from other cooking games, namely opening a restaurant and buying new equipment at each level. This Cooking Joy game can be played on Android so anyone can download and play this game anywhere.

5. Cooking Dash

Made with the same company as the diner dash game, the cooking dash chooses the same characters. But what is different from this game with a diner dash, players are required to become professional chefs via TV. Therefore, players must show their cooking talent to the audience.

There are more than 1500 levels that players must complete. In addition there are also features such as a gift wheel, shopping for kitchen and cooking equipment, and competing cooking skills. This game is very easy because it can be played on any Android.

Some of the above games are the best cooking games with levels. Besides being easy because it can be played on Android, the game is also designed so that it makes it interesting. There are so many levels that make players more addicted to complete each level.

The US Presidents That Died in The Office, Keep Various Facts

Throughout the history of the United States, eight presidents died while in office. Of the eight people, four were killed and four died due to natural causes. And one of them, there died in the office. The following is a fact of the US presidents that died in the office.

Who is The US Presidents That Died in The Office?

Zachary Taylor’s is the one of some President of the United States. He served from 1949-1950. The man of British descent is also the highest officeholder in the United States military during his lifetime. Because Richard Taylor’s father is a lieutenant during the American Revolution.

Taylor is the 12th President of Uncle Sam’s Country. He was born on a plantation in Barboursville, Virginia, to a distinguished family who owned a British estate. Taylor came from the party Whig and Millard Fillmore as vice president.

He was the first president of the United States who came from the Army military. During his 40 years serving in the Army, his rank rose to the position of General. He has fought 4 battles during his lifetime.

Taylor had become famous throughout the United States. Because it has military victories, one of which is the war against Mexico.

The Mystery of The Murder

Before he died, Talyor was known to be at the opening ceremony of the Washington Monument. From the confession of several close relatives mentioned that when he arrived at the monument, he had eaten some cherries and drank a glass of milk.

After attending the event at the Washington Monument, Talyor was immediately treated at the nearest hospital. According to the doctor who treated him, the President is struck symptoms such as cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and dehydration.

In addition to information from the doctor who treats him, in the 1800 era the US was also caused by cholera outbreaks. It is strongly has suspect that cholera infecting Taylor come from cherries and milk which he eats.

His death was associated with an attack of digestive diseases. But according to experts, the same symptoms are symptoms of arsenic poisoning. And according to them anyway, maybe Taylor was killed by his political enemies.

Clara Rising, a writer of historical novels, put forward two names: Vice President Millard Fillmore and senator Henry Clay from Kentucky. Taylor is an opponent of slavery. He also supports the recognition of California as a state free from slavery. This leaves more states free from slavery than slavery.

After Taylor’s death, it turns out, Fillmore supported the compromise proposal drafted by Clay. Namely, California is a slavery-free state in pairs with New Mexico which enforces slavery. Isn’t this a strong motive to eliminate the president? That’s what Rising believed.

Some Hints Found

Before excavating Taylor’s grave, the researchers conduct a historical check at the White House to ascertain whether Taylor’s body was embalmed or not. In the 1800 era, almost all embalming processes used arsenic.

Now, if this was finish on Taylor’s body, then it would be impossible to identify whether he was poison to death or not. Fortunately, according to rissing, from records found, Taylor’s wife did not allow her husband’s body to be embalmed.

The oxidation that occurs in the coffin provides additional evidence that Taylor was not given the embalm. The researchers also sent muscle tissue samples to the lab medical Louisiana and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

In the investigation, both the results of chemical tests and nuclear tests, apparently showed that the tissue contained “normal levels of arsenic substances”. This means that Taylor’s body was not embalmed, and this result confirms that Taylor died not because of arsenic poisoning.

Those are the facts of the US presidents that died in the office. However, the fact that is still a mystery cannot be solved with certainty. It is related to the alleged death of Zachary himself. There are still allegations that cannot confirm with certainty.