5 Worst Stock Market Crash Ever From Around The World

Investing in the stock market is not yet the main place in the world. That’s because public understanding and education are still minimal in terms of stock investment. Especially considering the fluctuating stock price movements on the capital market. Fluctuating stock prices are making capital market players excited. The stock price movement of an issuer can arouse market participants but it can also make market participants cry if the share price falls significantly. Some factors that influence stock price movements start from fundamental, technical and psychological. Here are some worst stock market crash ever.

1. The United States, 1987

There is a day that is the worst in Wall Street history and remembered as one of the worst stock market crash ever. known as Black Monday. The story is like this. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped sharply to 22.6%. This is the biggest decline in US history. The decline was even deeper than the stock market crash of 1929, before the Great Depression.

There has never been a similar or near event since Black Monday. On that day, in 1987, as the cameras highlighted the flurry of activity on the New York Stock Exchange, stock prices fell one by one, panic spread, and stock market crashes worsened. At the close, the Dow Jones index was at 1,738.74 or lost 508 points.

2. Greece, 2015

Greece’s main stock exchange, Athex, plummeted by 22.87% when trading reopened after closing for five weeks. The four main banks there, Piraeus Bank, National Bank, Alpha Bank, and Eurobank, experience the biggest decline, 30%, which is the maximum limit allowed. Banking stocks constitute one-fifth of the overall composite stock price index in Greece. The stock market was closed shortly before Greece implemented capital controls when the crisis peak there.

Traders had expected a fall in stock prices as a result of the close of trading.  Shortly after opening at 07.30 GMT, Athex dropped to 615.16 points, down 182.36 from the close of June 26.

3. Egypt, 2016

Egypt’s stock market performance reportedly showed weakness at the end of last week. This weakening is considered as a response to the release of the British decision to leave the European Union. The weakening of the performance of the stock exchanges in the State of the Pyramids has led investors to worry about further global instability that could cut capital inflows into Egypt. Meanwhile, the Naeem stock market participants in Dubai noted, the economic impact of the Brexit decision on Egypt would not be so serious.

The reason, the weakening of the pound sterling and the euro would benefit the Egyptian economic balance from import activities.

4. China, 2020

The increasingly massive spread of the coronavirus is making the Chinese stock exchange today. Hundreds of company shares plummeted by 10%. Investors worry that the coronavirus will destroy the economy.

The fall of shares on the Chinese stock exchange indicates the magnitude of investor concerns about the economic impact of the spread of the coronavirus. Now, the death toll from the coronavirus passed the SARS victims in 2003.

5. Venezuela, 2018

The Venezuelan stock market has fallen sharply in 2018. The crisis-ravaged country has made the IBVC stock index down more than 94 percent. It was also triggered when Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sought to end a long period of economic turmoil in an oil-rich but money-poor country.

As investors, of course, we hope that in general. The shares will go up in the long run, but because stock movements are very dynamic and interrelate with the global market. Many unforeseen events can occur. Investors must prepare for the worst stock market crash ever by implementing risk management. One of which is to have cut loss points, for example, 8% -10% and apply it with the discipline to avoid funds being stuck for a long time in stock.

How To Remove Ads On Chrome Easily

We usually meet ads on whatever the website on the internet. Ads are always shown on every website that we opened. In fact, we cannot say that the ads are not disturbing our activities on websites, especially browser app like Chrome. However, we usually can remove the ads from Chrome. There are ways how to remove ads on Chrome.

What are Ads?

We might be familiar with the ads. However, we usually know the ads but not all people know about what is the ads actually mean. Ads mean a kind of online advertisement which is applied on the internet or browser. Therefore, ads are usually shown suddenly when we open the browser such as Chrome, UC Browser, and others. Not only browser app, but ads are also available in other applications. The purpose of ads is to promote a product of some people.

There are many kinds of ads such as pop ads, malware, and others. Besides, we are still able to sett our application, including browser application to be free from ads. Indeed, we need to know first how to remove ads on Chrome, to get your comfortable browser.

The Way to Remove Ads on Chrome

Almost the same as another app, Chrome also contains some ads when you start to browse. However, there are always ways to remove the ads easily to make your Chrome be free from ads. Look at the next paragraph for the explanation.

1. Computer

Open Chrome Application on your computer first. After that, you will see the option ‘setting’ on the corner top on your screen. After you succeed in finding the option ‘setting’, click the button of setting. On the setting option, you will face many options, then click the option ‘advance’. On the option advance, you will see the word ‘content setting’. From the content setting, you will set the content included in your browser, especially the ads.

Click the button ‘content setting’. In the content setting option, you will see the option ‘privacy and security’. The privacy and security is the option to set the security of your browser, whether or not there is a malware or other ads. From privacy and security, choose the option ‘ ads’ and click it. after clicking the button ‘ads’, allow the ads block by slide the grey button into the blue.  Thus, the ads will be block suddenly.

2.  Smartphone

Open Chrome in your smartphone then chooses the option ‘setting’ on the dropdown. After that, you will see the option ‘ site setting’ for the android and ‘content setting’ for the iPhone. third, click the button ‘pop-ups’ for android and button ‘block pop-ups’ for the iPhone. next, you should slide the grey button to change it into blue. Then, the ads will be blocked and never shown on your Chrome screen anymore.

Those are the ways about how to remove ads on Chrome. Ads usually disturb people to conduct a browser. Moreover, sometimes ads can make malware that can be dangerous for your Chrome. Therefore, we need to remove ads and get free to browse anything we want.

Here’s How To Install Font In Windows 10 You Should Know

The font in windows is just a little thing with its important role. Sometimes, we need to have an interesting font with any kind of style to be better. Therefore, people sometimes try to have a new collection of font whether to buy or install it. Unfortunately, if we choose to buy the font, of course, we need to pay for it. Therefore, we need to do some trick to get a free font for your windows 10. The following explanation will show you how to install font in Windows 10.

1. Download The Font That You Want to have

The most important thing on how to install font in windows 10, is having the font installation. You need to have the font which you want to apply first before trying to install it. You can browse the font whatever you want on the internet.

There are many websites that provide you many features of fonts. You can choose the free font if you don’t want to get a cost. Moreover, you may choose the font style on whatever you want. Then, make sure that the font has already downloaded.

2. Try To Install The Font By Simple Way

Actually, installing a font is not a complicated thing to do. You don’t need to do some complicated tricks to understand and do. Indeed, you just need to click the font installation by the right-click. Then, you will see the option install. Click the option install and the font will be installed immediately after a few seconds. In addition, you need to wait until the installation finish. don’t close the window installation until the installation is completely finished.

3. Make Sure That The Font is Complete

After installing the font, you must check whether the installation is completely finished or not. then, how to check it? it is simple. Press the Windows key button and Q at the same time. After that, you will face the option font with the code folder A. Then, check the font that you have installed just now in the font control panel. Make sure that the font you have installed just now is available on the font control panel. If you cannot find them, you may try to find the name by the search box.

4. Reinstall The Font

If you can’t find the font yet, you need to reinstall them. It is okay to install two times if you haven’t seen the font yet. After reinstalling the font, apply the same way to make sure the font is already installed to your device in windows 10. After that, you may apply the wonderful font that you want.

The way how to install font in Windows 10 is completely easy. But, we need to be careful of the virus while conducting the installation on the computer. The virus might come from the downloaded file. Therefore, we need to find the safety website before downloading the font or anything. There are so many website which provides any kind of font. You can choose whatever you want.

Best Business Investment For 2020 In Indonesia

Nowadays, getting income from only work is not enough. Moreover, for the fund for the future. That is why a lot of people are seeking for platforms to invest their money. However, lately these days, there are a lot of people that are cheated with some false investment companies. It is important for people not only to choose the right one but also a trusted one. But do not worry, there are some best business investments for 2020 that people could choose, especially in Indonesia.

best business investments for 2020

People would usually invest their money to then gain more value of money in the future. And it is different from just saving money in the bank. The more people spend on investing, the more value they would get in the future. However, to get more value, people would need time. For example, the minimum people would need about 25 years. To know more here are the best business investments for 2020 in Indonesia.

1. Time Deposit

The first investing that people could do is with a time deposit. Usually, banks would offer this program to their customer. It is different from the usual system of saving money in the bank. With time deposit, people would save money each money with the same amount. And then people are not able to take or use the money for a specific time. Moreover, the value of the money would increase with the following year.

2. Gold Stems

The next from the list of best business investments for 2020 is gold stems. Not only it is popular for this year, but people have been using it since the past. As the years come by, the price of gold stems is keeping increasing. The bigger the gold is, the bigger the value than gold is. Moreover, nowadays there are companies and banks that help people keeping save gold. However, there might be some fees.

3. Property

Besides gold, the value of the property would also keep increasing as the years go by. That is why the property has become more popular these days. Starting from house property, landing, even to apartment rooms. However, people would need a lot of money to buy the property first.

4. Stocking Investment

Stocking investment is also one of the best business investments for 2020 in Indonesia. However, make sure to choose the right and trusted company of stock. It is because nowadays there are a lot of people who cheat and lie about stocks. With this option, people would get the result faster and easier. However, with stocks as well, there are high risks of not getting value too.

5. Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is a new kind of investment that has also become popular. This is a method where people would lend money to the platform. The money would then be lending to small business owners. Moreover, with this option, people would also be able to choose the risk of the result.

As a conclusion, the best business investments for 2020 is to choose a trusted company. Make sure not to choose a fake company. Choose a company that people have success in investing in for whether long or short term.

Best Places To Go For Summer Vacation That Everyone Will Enjoy

Who isn’t excited when the summer holiday arrives? This is the time of the year where people can spend their time on a long holiday and enjoy the hot weather. Therefore, many people prefer to spend their time on the beach or go camping in the forest. If so, don’t forget to always bring you sunblock and glasses so that you don’t get sunburn on your body. However, for those who are bored with beaches, do not worry. Because there are many other best places to go for summer vacation that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

best places to go for summer vacation

If you are getting bored with the beach, there are plenty of other places that you can visit and have fun. Some of the places that people visit on summer vacation are the park, amusement park or strolling around the city. Therefore, when you choose a destination, make sure there are other places to enjoy rather than the beach. Well, here are some of the best places to go for summer vacation that you can go with your loved ones:

1. Sardinia, Italy

Whether you love the beach or not, Italy is one of the countries that has it all. This is the perfect place for you and your friends to come when the summer holiday is calling. In this city, people can enjoy the beach, sea caves, food or just see the historical architecture. Go out and stroll around the city where you can enjoy the delicious food and feel some fresh air at the same time. 

2. Thailand

Looking for an affordable place to go for your summer vacation? If so, then Thailand where you can see many traditional places and eat many kinds of unique foods. Thailand is famous for its traditional and unique foods that aren’t available in other countries. So, you must try them when you visit this country. Next, don’t forget to visit the floating market using the boat to shop from one place to another. And if you want to rest and feel the sun, you can always visit their beach which is amazing and beautiful. 

3. Bali-Lombok, Indonesia

Want to feel the sun and the sea but not feeling to go to the beach? Then why not try sailing from one island to another in Indonesia. Tourists can book a boat and sail from one island to another while seeing the beautiful sea. They can relax on the top of the boat and sunbathe while the boat is running. Or you can play a canoe in the middle of the sea while others swim. So, this is sure one of the best places to go for summer vacation for you and your friends. 

4. Corfu, Greece

Coming to Greece in summer means sun time and the beach. Greece has many beautiful beaches that must be visited because they are just beautiful. What makes the beaches different is the rocky coastlines on the beach that make them beautiful. However, for those who have had enough of the beach can walk around the city and visit the historical places in the city. Greece is also famous for its history, so people can learn a lot from this city. 

5. Japan

Those who are not on the beach can visit Japan during their summer holiday. Almost all the cities in Japan are worth to visit, especially if you are in Japanese traditional culture. The city offers so many activities that tourists can do from hiking to playing in Disneyland. So, it is sure that you will not get bored if you come to this country. 

 So, when it comes to summertime, it means enjoying the sun with outdoor activities. And these are some of the best places to go for summer vacation and enjoy the sun. These places are great to visit whether you are with your friends or with the whole family. 

Groceries Tips: Healthy Food For Dinner Recipe Ideas

As you know, dinner becomes something crucial for some people. You might feel hungry, but you don’t want to get obese just because eating at night. However, you can still keep your body healthy with healthy food for dinner. Here are some recipes for healthy food for your dinner.

Healthy Food For Dinner

1. Baked Chicken Breast

A lot of people love chicken, no matter what dish of this chicken will be made. You might wonder why baked chicken breast becomes a healthy dinner for you. It’s because you only need to bake the chicken. Plus, baking won’t make your meal lose its nutrition.

You only need five minutes to prepare this dish at night. Moreover, you can also serve it with brown rice, and quinoa. Just to make it juicy, you can just uncover it just in case to avoid poached. Furthermore, you mustn’t over bake the chicken.

2. Sweet Potato Skillet

Another menu that you can prepare for your healthy food for dinner is sweet potato skillet. This menu is an easy and quick one because you only need 30 minutes to prepare it. Moreover, you can add some beans, melted cheese and also fresh lime juice.

You can cook the sweet potatoes for five minutes just to make it well seasoned and creamy. Plus, you can add garlic, onion, and also bell pepper and cook again for 3 minutes. Additionally, the remaining time is for cooking it again with remaining spices.

3. Turkey Zucchini Skillet

Just like sweet potato skillet, you also need 30 minutes to prepare this dish. Turkey zucchini skillet is a quick healthy food for dinner. You can make this dish by preheating large ceramic non-stick skillet. Besides, you have to make it on medium heat.

Swirling oil around the ceramic surface to make it coat. There are some spices like an onion that you have to cook first for 3 minutes. After that, you can add ground turkey then zucchini. When adding tomatoes after all the ingredients above mixed, you have to turn off the heat.

4. Penne With Broccoli

If you are a vegan, this dish is going to be your favorite healthy food. Plus, you can also make this dish for your dinner. Mixing penne pasta with broccoli and also tomato sauce will be the best dish ever. You can imagine how delicious this dish is.

All that you need is only 25 minutes for preparation and cooking this dish. While preheating this dish, you have to do it on medium heat. Also, this is to make it cooked.

5. Baked Lime Ginger Salmon

Cilantro Coconut Brown Rice is the best combination for Baked Lime Ginger Salmon. It will just make it more delicious and tasty. Moreover, baked salmon with lime will make your salmon fresh and a bit sour. That’s why you need an oven to prepare this food.

This is what makes lime ginger salmon is healthy food for you. It’s because you don’t need to fried the salmon. Plus, you might say that it’s like you bake the salmon.

Groceries Tips: Healthy Food For Dinner Recipe IdeasThe five healthy food for dinner above is all that you can prepare at home. They are no fat, so it’s safe for your diet too. Moreover, you don’t need much time to prepare all of the dishes above. Also, most of them are baked not fried.

Fluo Party Slot Game Explanation

On the off chance that you are searching for a video space to introduce the New Year with you can’t show improvement over Fluo Party from master88 agent site. Fluo represents fluorescent and you will have a lot of that in strobe lit discos the evening of December 31. The video opening is from a moderately new provider named Espresso Games. The 5×3 reels are set in a discotheque with intensifiers on either side and the space’s working catches in the DJ’s board. There are 20 fixed paylines.

The most lucrative image is the DJ named Fluo. The payout is multiple times the line wager for a success with five images. The other topical images are a couple of gathering goers and a lot of earphones. The work of art is basic however in splendid fluorescent hues. The low paying images are the playing card symbols created like bright lights. All image pay in blends of at least three adjusted from left to directly on the paylines. There is no wild image. This may appear to be to some degree ugly, yet the genuine party activity is yet to come.

It is activated by the DJ Deck image landing anyplace on the focal reel. DJ Fluo fixes one of four prizes for the player. These are the place the large payouts lie. In Scatter Pays you will be granted an arbitrary multiplier that could be 2x, 3, 4x or even 5x. This multiplier will be applied to your ordinary win in the turn. The Wild Reel grants you with one free turn. Be that as it may, that is just piece of the advantage. This free turn will have the third reel absolutely wild. And all payouts will be multiplied.

The third element is Spin Bonus. You win three extra twists. In every reward turn there are three even paylines. Each payline will have a similar five images. So you are ensured nine successes through the span of this reward. In the event that you are fortunate you will hit the successes with the more lucrative images.

The last one is a genuine gathering themed reward. It is called Drinks on the House. You will be granted a beverages ticket, which you need to gather. Try not to drive after the gathering or you may get a beverages ticket of an alternate kind. You need to gather five passes to play the reward game. You click on the DJ screen till you discover two coordinating beverages. The beverage that is coordinated will grant a payout multiplier. The golden mixed drink pays 10x, the green mixed drink pays 25x, the blue mixed drink pays 50x and the red mixed drink pays 100x.

British Commonwealth Countries, Let’s Find Out About Some Of Them

The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary union of sovereign states that were once controlled or founded by the United Kingdom. British Commonwealth countries are already independent and have their governments. However, they are united because they have the same goal, which is to support each other’s countries.

British Commonwealth Countries

There are 53 countries spread across Europe, Asia, Africa, America, the Pacific, and the Caribbean. So, the British Commonwealth country is indeed not a country whose territory is near England. Let’s know more about 5 British Commonwealth countries through the article below:

1. Cyprus

This country joined the British Commonwealth on 13 March 1961. Moreover, this country is a Commonwealth country on the European mainland. This country is an island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Because of its strategic location, this country has become a neutral path for diplomatic trails in its history.

Most locals understand English because the British colonized it in 1878 and became independent in 1960. There are still several British military bases here, namely Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

2. Malaysia

One of the British Commonwealth Countries is Malaysia and this country is a former British colony. Britain entered the Malacca Peninsula in 1786 until finally gaining independence on August 31, 1957. This country gained independence from Britain without a bloody struggle. Therefore, there is an agreement between Malaysia and the UK.

For example, the UK may be allowed to lease state land in this country for a long period. Moreover, this country was long colonized by the British and made English the second language after Malay.

3. Brunei Darussalam

A small country in Southeast Asia which is popular as an exporter of crude oil and natural gas. Before the discovery of huge oil reserves in 1929, this country was only a poor British colony. However, now this country is a huge success and has become one of the richest countries in the world.

In 1888-1983, this country was under British rule. Brunei became independent as an Islamic state under the leadership of the 29th sultan. This country declared its independence on December 31, 1983. Until now, this country is still a member of the British Commonwealth.

4. Maldives

The country was under British protection until 1965. Then, this country gained full independence from Britain on July 26, 1965. Therefore, this country was one of the British Commonwealth countries.

From 1153 to 1968, the country was in the form of an independent Islamic empire. After gaining independence from Britain, the form of the imperial government only lasted for three years. Then the form of the government changed to become a republic.

5. Guyana

This country was under British rule in 1814. Then, Britain gave this country independence on May 26, 1966. So, it is not surprising that this country is the only country in South America that uses English as its official language.

Guyana’s education system is the best in the Caribbean because it is based on the British education system. However, although the education system is good, this country lacks educated teachers.

Now you know more about British Commonwealth countries that can increase your knowledge. At present, the total population of the entire Commonwealth country is around 2.4 billion people. So, the total population of the British Commonwealth country includes about 30 percent of the human population on the earth.

How To Evaluate Business Performance to Make Your Business Greater

How to evaluate business performance of a company is not an easy job. However, you need to do it to find out the weaknesses and strengths in executing a business. You also need to know business performance to find out whether indicators of success have been achieved or not.

Therefore, you need to do a good evaluation. You need to do this to get valid data related to your business performance. Here are how to evaluate business performance that you can do easily:

1.     Look at The Business’s Financial Statements

The first way you can do is calculate how much money your business has made. That is because money is very important in running a business. Then, you can see the cash flow statement, income statement, and also the balance sheet.

The income statement will help you see the advantages and disadvantages of your business. While the balance sheet will show the financial health of your business. The last is the cash flow statement that makes it easy for you to see how much liquid cash is in your business.

2.     Check How Many Customers You Get

This you need to do to predict the growth of your business. Therefore, your business must have an increasing number of customers each time. If your number of customers stagnates or even decreases, you need to change your marketing strategy.

You also need to calculate the average number of customers you get from each business strategy that you do. If you have a lot of new customers, then your business is doing well. Also, this indicates that you have succeeded in executing a marketing strategy.

3.     Check Customer Satisfaction

How to evaluate business performance is to find out customer satisfaction. In running a business, business satisfaction is the main thing. You can do several ways to find out customer satisfaction. For example, you can use the survey method through a questionnaire and check customer reviews on the internet.

Moreover, you can also ask directly to customers who come. You must be able to ensure that all customers are satisfied with your business services. If you find good reviews, you can post them on your social media as a promotional tool for your business to customers.

4.     Do a Performance Review

You also need to evaluate the performance of your employees. This is because employees are very important in a business and can determine how big an opportunity a business can develop. It will give you a new perspective on what you need to do to improve the performance of your employees.

You can review employee performance for several periods in one year. Look at the level of happiness of your employees in doing their jobs. Also, look at how effectively they complete the task.

5.     Assess Your Expectations

You need to assess your expectations for your business. This you need to do to assess how satisfied and how happy you are with your business performance so far. Try to use your perception in evaluating your business performance.

For example, how do you feel about the performance of this business? Is everything going according to your expectations? Make sure you are happy with what your business has achieved up to now.

Business evaluation is very important for the progress of your business. You can implement how to evaluate business performance according to the point above. Now, you can immediately evaluate your business performance, right?

Unique Attractions in New York for Holiday

Not only for business requirements, but New York is also famous for a tourist destination. Per year, there are millions of visitors to this City. This proves that New York is a great place to spend a holiday. Even though there are a lot of things to do here, visitors must try the unique attractions in New York. The unique things must be on the top of the to-do list during in New York.

There are many things to do in New York while there is only a little time to spend. But do not worry, because with this list visitors would be able to enjoy New York with a little time. Moreover, make sure to check the weather list as well, since visitors often use public transportation. The wet weather might make a little uncomfortable. So to know more about this city, here are the unique attractions in New York to try.

1. Play at the Coney Island

One of the must-to-do list during a trip to New York is play at the Coney Island. It is one of the most favorite destinations. The unique thing about this place is that it has an amusement park, a beach, and a boardwalk. Furthermore, visitors could try the famous New York hotdog here. The best time to visit Coney Island is during the summer months and on Halloween.

2. Take a Walk on the High Line

The next unique attractions in New York are taking a walk and enjoy the high line. It has a great view of the parks, walking trail, art gallery, and the skyline. The high line is located near Manhattan and Gansevoort Street. Before stopping by, visitors could also try many kinds of delicious foods and coffees. Moreover, visitors could enjoy while sitting down on the benches.

3. Enjoy Shakespeare in the Park

While in New York in the summertime, visitors could watch world-class Shakespeare. If lucky, visitors might be able to meet famous actor performances and it is all free! One of the parks that has a great Shakespeare is at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. There are 2,000 seats available. To get an entrance ticket, visitors must first book a ticker online or offline.

4. Visiting the Belvedere Castle

Other unique attractions in New York are visiting and enjoying the Belvedere Castle. The best time to visit is in the evening when visitors could catch a sunset. Moreover, the visitors could climb up the castle and enjoy the view of the City. Moreover, this castle is a replica atop a rocky outcropping.

5. Tasting the best food and coffee in New York

Whether to grab a cup of coffee or have lunch, the best place in New York is the Gansevoort Market. Visitors could enjoy the best coffee and food here. The place is also great to spend time to hang out with friends and family. Not only American foods, but there are also other kinds of foods such as Thai, Japanese and others.

Enjoying the unique attractions in New York does not require much money. Moreover, visitors could enjoy the city with a limit of time. However, it is still memorable and fun.